Maxine Davis MSW, MBA ’13

MaxineDavisMaxine Davis is in demand. After completing Dominican University’s dual Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration (MSW/MBA) program, she was offered numerous consulting positions.

The MSW/MBA program, which combines business insight with expertise in giving compassionate care, offers powerful preparation for leaders of nonprofit, for-profit and government organizations. Based on her experience, Davis was hired as an independent contractor on several projects for organizations after graduating.

With help from the faculty in Dominican’s Graduate School of Social Work, she also landed a coveted full-tuition scholarship, including a generous yearly stipend, to pursue her doctorate in social work at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis.

“Without extraordinary faculty support, relevant experience and superb academic preparation, my dreams of becoming a doctoral student would have never became a reality so soon in my career,” Davis said.

Noticing her interest in continuing research, faculty members encouraged her to apply to doctoral programs and supported her through the process.

“Without these life changing experiences and the support of faculty from both departments, I would have not been successful in applying to any doctoral program, especially one that is top ranked,” Davis said.

Davis’s goals are to teach as a professor and to add to the body of literature focused on batterer treatment in an effort to reduce intimate partner violence both domestically and internationally. She’d also like to use her MSW and MBA degrees in an administrative role to improve organizational sustainability by implementing better business practices.

Seeing the growing need for leaders with the skills and knowledge of both a social worker and a business professional, Dominican created the dual degree program, which allows students to complete both an MSW and MBA in a shortened period of time.

“Dominican has taught me that my career does not have to be bound to changing the world in one particular way,” Davis said. “I can set the bar high for achievement and still have impact with integrity. This is my ultimate goal.”

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