Dr. Leticia Villarreal Sosa and Chrisann Caliendo present Illinois Association of School Social Workers Annual Conference

Dr. Leticia Villarreal Sosa and SSW graduate, Chrisann Caliendo presented a workshop at the Illinois Association of School Social Workers annual conference this October, entitled “Promoting Equity and Inclusive Schools: Working with Immigrant Parents and Students.” This workshop was a timely source of information and support for social workers navigating the challenges in the pre- and post-election context as they work with students and families impacted by these events.  Graduate, Chrisann Caliendo works as a school social worker in the Northern suburbs and has worked with Dr. Villarreal Sosa on a research project related to promoting equity in the schools for the last two years. 

Dr. Villarreal Sosa was also invited to speak to social workers and psychologists in the New York City Public schools this coming January focused on helping students, families, and colleagues understand, process, and cope with the emotions and hateful rhetoric prevalent in this political climate as well as share resources to facilitate the promotion of safe and inclusive environments for all students.