Dr. Joyce Shim selected as member 19th Future Leader's Conference

Dr. Joyce Shim has been selected by the Overseas Koreans Foundation to be a member of the 19th Future Leaders’ Conference (http://flc.korean.net/en/ - 18th Conference site). This was an internationally competitive selection process and the opportunity came from Dr. Shim’s participation last year in the NetKAL leadership development cohort. - Network of Korean American Leaders

The Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF) annually holds a conference with highly influential guests who are dedicating themselves in developing Korean communities around the globe. The 19th Future Leaders' Conference (FLC) will be held in Seoul from 17 to 21 October, 2016.  Future leaders in various fields from all parts for the world are invited to share their experiences and knowledge and to promote growth and strengthen overseas Korean society.
Main events include speeches by local/international guests, forums and lectures in various subjects, visits to governmental organizations and offices, networking between local Koreans and Korean overseas, and press activities and interviews for major and local publications.
Qualifications for the FLC participants must be Koreans aged between 25-45 years old living overseas with a foreign residency or citizenship, experts in various fields like legal, major press & media, politics, economy and international organization, art, sports, NGOs, cooking, literature, science, medical science, and education, etc., and executives or directors of outstanding local community organizations or those represent the organization of the next generation.
Selection will be made based on an applicant's expertise in his/her field or prospects with growth potential, personal reasons and goals for participating in the Future Leaders’ Conference, contributions for the development of overseas Korean community or country of residence, personal and professional statements, and any evaluations / recommendations about his/her work and contributions.