Dr. Joyce Shim Named Fulbright Specialist

Dr. Joyce Shim is named as a Fulbright Specialist. She will be considered for project requests from our international  partners that require her expertise and the Fulbright will support Dr. Shim’s international travel expenses and per diem for her work.

In her application, Dr. Shim noted that the "Fulbright Specialist Program connects scholars around the world to share their expertise and support cross-national collaborations that benefit not only the scholars and educators themselves but also the families and communities they serve. In that light, I believe that my teaching and research interests and expertise may contribute to the program’s mission.

As I seek to become a leading social work researcher to promote the welfare of vulnerable families and communities around the world, my research focuses on international social work, specifically social work education, comparative family policy, community practice, immigrants and refugees, and poverty and inequality. Since I began my work at Dominican University Graduate School of Social Work in 2014, I have published five peer reviewed articles and earned three grants on the topics mentioned above.

More importantly, I have three collaborative projects in progress with colleagues from diverse disciplines and countries. For instance, with colleagues in Latin America I examine how social work education and curriculum development processes can be further improved. With partners in Africa I focus on various practical and theoretical pedagogies on community practice from an international perspective. By working with these partners, I realize how much we, in the US, have so much to learn from social work scholars in other countries.

Moreover, I am passionate about teaching and mentoring a new generation of social work scholars and professionals who will influence the well-being of a broad array of families and communities. As an academic with 8 years of teaching experience at various schools of social work, I implement an empathetic approach to social work and embody the kind of intelligent professionalism that I would want my students to utilize when working in the field.”