African American and Latino Social Work Symposium

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 9:00am
Dominican Priory Campus - Room 263

Each year Dominican University holds an African-American and Latino Social Work Symposium to provide a space for community residents, businesses, members of higher education and those in social services to come together and explore issues affecting African American and Latino communities. This year, the symposium will focus on "Austerity Hurts: When A City No Longer Provides Services for Its Citizens".

Privatization of public services, and especially public social services is a growing trend in the US and especially in Chicago. When most Chicagoans think about privatization, they think about the privatization of parking meters and Ventra.  But for many Chicagoans, and especially Chicago residents of color, the privatization of social services like mental health clinics, homeless services, public libraries and a host of other vital services affect their daily lives and life chances. This symposium will provide social workers with the analytical tools to evaluate privatization efforts, understand the effects of privatization on service users, service providers, and communities, and the effects of privatization in specific areas of service in Chicago.  Through an opening session that lays out the technical aspects of the privatization of public services, the trends, and the politics of privatization in Chicago and breakout sessions in particular service areas, attendees will be able to better analyze privatization proposals and critically confront these trends in Chicago and beyond.  Presenters will include those working in both privatized and public social services, service users, faith leaders, policy analysts and public officials.

Click here to learn more about 'In the Public Interest"


Guests and panel:

  • Donald Cohen, 'In the Public Interest' is our "keynote" speaker
  • Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer, 6th Ward Chicago City Council
  • Adrienne Alexander, AFSCME Council 31
  • Panel on Public Libraries
  • Panel on Mental Health Services
  • Panel on Religious Perspectives on Privatization and Austerity
  • Panel on the Technical Aspects of Contracting and Privatization
Parking is very limited so we encourage carpooling or public transportation.
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