Adjunct Faculty

Jack Flight
MSW, Dominican University
Research: Mental Health Treatment, Counseling Families And Children
Course taught: Filed Practicum I and II, Play Therapy, Psychopathology

Andrea Doherty Lissuzzo
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
MA, University of Chicago
Research: Prevention of Interpersonal Violence, Delinquency and Substance Abuse among Inner City Youth
Courses taught:
Field III and IV

John Morrison
DSW, Hunter College
Research: Community Practice, Social Development and International Social Work
Courses taught: Policy, Macro Practice, Social Planning

Jose Oporto

MA, University of Chicago
Research: Child Sexual Abuse
Courses taught: Policy II, Spirituality and Social Work

Fred I. Oskin
MSW, Tulane University
Research: Social Group Work, Gerontology, Not-for-Profit Administration
Courses taught:
Social Work with the Elderly, History of Social Work and Social Welfare, Human Behavior in the Social Environment I and Field Practicum I