Students-at-Large Policy

Individuals seeking to take MSW courses at Dominican University can take a maximum of four courses as a Student-at-Large.

Admission as a Student-at-Large does not guarantee admission into the MSW program, but credit earned as a Student-at-Large can be later applied to Dominican’s MSW program upon admission.

Students must abide by the University’s and Graduate School of Social Work policies and procedures. Students-at-Large are not eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid or Scholarships.

Please submit the following for admission as a Student-at-Large:

  • Completed application,
  • Academic reference,
  • $25 application fee,
  • Official transcripts from undergraduate institution verifying earned bachelor’s degree and if applicable, official transcripts from any master level coursework and
  • Personal Statement—Submit a two page, typed and doubled spaced statement explaining your reason for wanting to take MSW course(s) at Dominican University. Focus on how the courses will benefit you in furthering your academic studies and career.