MSW Plan of Study

To meet the diverse needs of our student body we offer several plans of study. Students with an earned bachelor’s in social work (BSW) from an accredited CSWE program may be eligible to complete the 30 credit hour advanced standing program in 9 months or over 2 years. Students who do not have a BSW can complete the entire 60 credit hour MSW program as a full-time or part-time student.

Two Year Full-Time Program—60 credit hours

Full-Time Program (44KB)

First Year

Fall Semester Credits
510 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families 3
511 Field Practicum I 3
512 Social Work Research Methods 3
513 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (HBSE I) 3
514 History of Social Work & Social Welfare 3
Spring Semester Credits
550 Social Work Practice with Groups 3
551 Field Practicum II 3
553 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (HBSE II) 3
640 Mental Health: History, Theories, and Treatment 3
Elective 3

Second Year

Fall Semester Credits
610 Advanced Social Work Practice with Families: Global 3
611 Field Practicum III 3
612 Practice Evaluation 3

Advanced Diversity (several course options)

SWK 620: Empowerment Practice with Latinos: Identity, Social Context, and Implications for Practice
SWK 621: Human Rights, Gender and Globalization – El Salvador
SWK 622: Negotiating Social, Cultural, and Psychological Borders: Social Work with Immigrant and Refugee Families and Communities
SWK 623: Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Social Policy
SWK 624: A Feminist Approach to Clinical Practice with Individual and Families
SWK 625: Race, Gender, and Human Rights in the Guatemalan Context
Elective 3
Spring Semester Credits
655 Community Practice 3
651 Field Practicum IV 3
614 Family Centered Policy in a Global Context 3
641 Community-Based Participatory Research 3
Elective 3

Three Year Part-Time Program - 60 credit hours

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