Certificate in Working with Military and their Family

Certificate in Working with the Military and their Families (CWMF)

The country's 21.2 million veterans and 3.6 million military personnel (including active duty and reserves) are facing unprecedented challenges with emotional problems, coping with trauma, suicide, unemployment, homelessness, reintegration, adolescent and family issues, domestic violence, traumatic brain injury or physical disabilities. This individualized program blends personalized training with convenient online coursework to empower your skills in helping the military community in their time of need. 

The CWMF is a post-master's level certificate available to any professional with an advanced degree in the fields of mental or medical health.

The program offers intense, personalized training with convenient, online course work—all taught by top faculty and military experts. 

The certificate entails a 2-day intensive "boot camp" near Great Lakes Naval Base starting August 22, where students are introduced to military culture, customs and issues. (Don’t worry—this is not a physical boot camp, but an educational boot camp.) The program concludes with a final 3-day colloquium integrating knowledge and skills.

The Military Certificate Curriculum Provides:

  • • An introduction with an experiential 2-day ‘boot camp’ of military culture (Located near Great Lakes Naval Base)
  • Each course includes a unique dual instruction format from faculty members specializing in military social work and military community members
  • Four, 9-week, online courses integrating innovative therapeutic practices with military population
  • Advocacy and networking opportunities with veteran organizations
  • Ending with a four week blended course combining military knowledge with a creation of an employment plan or program development options and a 3-day integrated intensive with graduation
  • Training and support is provided for an introduction to online learning.

On completion, students will identify as professionals capable of working with the military, with critical competencies and skills:

  • Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment to service members, veterans and families
  • Advocate for social and economic equanimity, well-being and appropriate service delivery for members of the military
  • Have the skills to engage, assess, intervene and evaluate individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations that work with members of the military and families
  • Be prepared to deliver military-competent services, develop military programming for your agency and open your career to access new employment opportunities with military members or veterans.

Successful completion of the certificate program allows government agencies, organizations and all others who work with service members to know that the professional is competent to provide evidence-based clinical services to military service members, veterans and their families.

Why Work with the Military?

The need has never been greater. The ability to care for the military community is in crisis.

  • 1 out of every 13 citizens of the United States have served in our military
  • 1 out of 5 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is diagnosed with PTSD
  • The suicide rates of veteran VA users is nearly twice that of the general population. Some 8,000 veterans are thought to die by suicide each year, about 22 per day (Veterans Affairs, 2012)
  • Military service can affect the family also—research has found that adolescent children of military parents have greater emotional and behavioral problems than other adolescents without military parents (SAMHSA, 2012)
  • 1 soldier in 9 exits the Army for mental disorders.

Program Cost

Working with the Military and their Families Certificate
(four online classes, Boot Camp (two nights and meals) and Intensives (two nights and meals))
*Student Fees
Military Boot Camp
(15 CEU's, two nights and meals)


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