Combined BA/MSW Degree

Accelerated BA/Master of Social Work

BA/MSW Brochure

Dominican University’s BA/MSW dual degree program is an accelerated educational option to earn an undergraduate degree in sociology, criminology or psychology and a Master of Social Work.  In the BA/MSW program you will receive an interdisciplinary education that will both diversify and specialize your training and knowledge. This option is perfect for someone who is certain about his or her career path and goals. The BA/MSW degree will bridge academic disciplines to give you an advantage going into the workforce.

Sociology, criminology or psychology undergraduates interested in becoming a social worker have the option of applying for the combined Dominican BA/MSW program to complete both degrees in five years. Interested students should apply for admission during their senior year of study. 

Sociology/criminology/psychology majors may:
Take two classes in the Graduate School of Social Work during their senior year (SWK 513 and SWK 514) with departmental approval.  These courses count toward the major and toward the 124 hours needed for the undergraduate degree, and may be applied to the master’s degree in social work (MSW).  Successful completion of these courses does not guarantee admission to this graduate program.

Upon admission to the Graduate School of Social Work, sociology, criminology or psychology students with a 3.25 GPA can apply for:

  • GSSW Summer II Course Waiver (enroll in two (2) GSSW Summer II semester courses and get one (1) Free) and
  • The Dean’s Scholarship or a Graduate Research Assistantship.

Process for Admission to Five-year BA/MSW:

Step 1

  1. Student applies to Chair (Sociology/Criminology/Psychology) for approval at end of sophomore year.
  2. Has 3.25 overall GPA or with discretion of the chair in the major.
  3. The Chair & Student complete the Declaration of Interest in 5-year Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Criminology/Psychology and Master’s of Social Work.
  4. Meet with undergraduate academic advisors to complete junior year plan of study with two (2) social work courses.
  5. Submit Declaration of Interest Form and copy of junior year schedule to GSSW Admission for assignment to GSSW advisor.
  6. Student is contacted by GSSW Academic Advisor to review GSSW course of study and schedule MSW classes.

Step 2

  1. During GSSW’s Advising Week in fall term of junior year, students will meet with their GSSW Advisor to assess continued participation in program.
  2. At the beginning of spring term junior year, all students in program will attend GSSW open house to get details for submitting an application for admission to the MSW program.  In addition to the standard application materials, students will submit a sample of their academic writing (paper from the first semester MSW course).
  3. GSSW Admission Committee will review application to determine eligibility for admission to the MSW program.  Students in this special program must meet all requirements for GSSW admission prior to being admitted to the MSW program.  Since a BA is required for admissions to the MSW program, all admissions will be conditional until all requirements are met*.
  4. If students are accepted to the 5-year program, they will meet with both their undergraduate and GSSW academic advisors to plan for course of study for the summer following their junior year and the fall term of their senior year.
  5. Meet with GSSW Field Placement staff to begin identifying internships required in senior year.

*Admission to the 5-year program does not guarantee admission to the MSW program.  Students must maintain all standards for continuing in the program including maintaining a 3.25 cumulative GPA.  If student fails to maintain or attain all admissions requirements, they may be advised out of the program.