Welcome to Dominican University’s Graduate School of Social Work. We are committed to making the Sinsinawa Dominican mission of truth, compassion, empowerment and social justice a dynamic force in meeting the needs of today’s world. Our unique approach effectively prepares graduates with a program that features:

A Global Focus

Globalization affects people as well as products. Did you know that human trafficking is the third most lucrative criminal activity in the world? Just behind illegal drugs and black-market guns, it generates $9.5 billion in annual revenue. The need for social workers to combat this issue as well as work in international areas such as community development, family planning, refugee support, mental health and aging continues to skyrocket. To equip our graduates we offer overseas field placements in South Africa, Ecuador, India, Latvia, Mexico and the Philippines.

Family-Centered Skills

Nearly 50 percent of the U.S. population, ages 15 to 54, report having at least one psychiatric disorder such as alcoholism or drug addiction. Our program's family-centered component prepares our graduates to work with today's critical issues.

Gerontology Support

By 2030, the number of people aged 65 and older is expected to double, rising to 70 million. To meet this growing need, gerontological competencies are embedded into the foundation curriculum and structure of our program.

Social Work in Schools

National high school graduation rates have flat lined at 80 percent for whites, but only 59 percent for blacks. This is just one indicator of the growing need for social support in our school system. Our Type 73 School Social Work Certification program prepares graduates to work in all types of 8-12 educational settings.